If you've read Richard Koch's Star Principle, you will know that he turned around £2m in the 1990s from selling his shares in LEK to well over £340m today - by simply investing in companies that dominate fast growing markets. (And, some say, he works at this for just 1 hour a day...)

So, I decided to launch the Next Big Thing Show comprising regular podcast interviews of founders of businesses that may well dominate their fast growing markets, becoming the Next Big Thing within them.

Some of these potential providers of the Next Big Thing, these potential Big Thingers, will be deploying technology to give them a decisive edge – much of it Blockchain – and some will be utilising advances within the Internet of Things..

Some will be looking to raise capital by selling shares. Others will be surfing the ICO tidal wave, selling tokens to give access to their Blockchain powered platforms.

I will ask each interviewee about their business strategy.

You, the listener, will have the chance to hear the voice behind the business plan or whitepaper, to hear it all directly “from the horse’s mouth”.

Podcasts will take place every few months. These will be interviews with potential founders of the Next Big Thing. But we will also hold bonus shows, when I'll talk to business leaders, gurus and current Big Thingers, to find out what entrepreneurs have to do in their markets to carve out profitable fast growing niches, thereby having a real chance to become their own market’s Next Big Thing.

We will also look at what governments are doing (or rather shouldn’t be doing).

Will they create the fertile ground for the flourishing of a true smorgasbord of fast growing brand new niche markets? Or not?

But if so, could we all be all enjoying products and services that today we can’t even imagine?

For those in the UK, we will be exploring whether or not Britain should have a clean break with the EU, a so called Hard Brexit, to create the right environment for friction free innovation and global success.

Any comments and interview suggestions, please email me at david@nextbigthing.show. Meanwhile, enjoy the show!


David Bradley