Easy Crypto Hunter - simplifying cryptocurrency mining. Will Easy Crypto Hunter be your most profitable exposure to cryocurrencies?

Meet Josh Riddett, the entrepreneur who can provide you a plug and play money machine to sit in the corner of a spare room home or in your business. What can you make? But what are the risks? David Bradley asks the questions, the answers to which you'll want to hear.

What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work? * What is cryptocurrency mining? * What equipment do I need? * What does it cost? * How much do these machines make in a day? * Is it for me?

If you think cryptocurrencies are here to stay, that Bitcoin and other cryptos will gain value, then listen to Josh Riddett...

If you are sanguine about cryptocurrencies, then the question is, what’s the best way to gain exposure to them?

Will Josh Riddett’s solution be easier and simpler than other mining offerings that are emerging?

In this episode, you will hear Josh Riddett, founder of Easy Crypto Hunter, explain why his solution allows you to generate crypto-mining profits whilst building up your crypto portfolio – even if you’re only really interested in accumulating main cryptos, such as Bitcoin.

First, he explains quickly, in very simple terms, what cryptocurrencies are, how they are mined and what the role is of the miner.

You will find out how to select the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine and what to do with them once you’ve been paid your mining fee in that crypto.

You will then learn about the different types of mining equipment on offer, what you must avoid and what you should buy.

Josh gives you an idea about costs, profits and how long your mining equipment will last.

He also outlines various options, from Do It Yourself mining through to Easy Crypto Hunter hosting your equipment and mining cryptos on your behalf.

The question is, will Easy Crypto Hunter become the Next Big Thing in cryptocurrency mining for individuals – and if so how can you benefit?