Revolution in how we buy energy: Blockchain Smart Exchanges? Perhaps..

Listen to Omar Rahim explain how EnergiMine will be then Next Big Thing in Smart Energi Consumption.

Blockchain powered exchange * Raised $15m in 81 minutes * Previously esablished business with 1,000 corporate clients * poised to be leader * network business for more dominant position.

Around 2 years ago, Omar Rahim started EnergiMine.

Large corporations were spending too much money buying energy from expensive, inefficient energy companies. So EnergiMine gave them access to cheaper wholesale markets.

Artificial Intelligence
Harnessing Artificial Intelligence, EnergiMine started doing this cheaper than their competitors, rapidly winning previously less profitable, ignored, smaller businesses. They now have over 1000 small business clients in Europe and Asia.

$15m in 81 minutes
The momentum is relentless. They have just raised $15m (in 81 minutes) via an ICO, selling tokens giving people access to the first peer to peer smart energy trading exchange. People can buy and sell electricity to one another directly without the need for traditional energy companies. Disruption could be brutal; current dominant energy providers could start losing customers and revenues rapidly . So could EnergiMine become the Next Big Thing in smart energy platforms? How valuable will EnergiTokens be if they indeed EnergyMine becomes the Next Big Thing in smart energy exchanges?