Discover How to Become the Next Big Thing through PR. Valuable golden PR nuggets from Gawain Towler, PR expert who managed the publicity for arguably one of the UK’s most influential politician since 1945, Nigel Farage.

Hear how Gawain Towler managed Nigel Farage's publicity to great effect. Learn how PR sits with Social Media, how to engage with journalists and how to manage the press in a crisis.

Gawain Towler shares valuable PR nuggets, which if you apply them, can help you become the Next Big Thing in your market from a publicity perspective. For Gawain's the PR expert that managed the publicity for Nigel Farage, the politician that recently won Spectator Magazine's Disruptor of the Decade and who is arguably the most influential UK politician since 1945. (For those not listening in the UK, Farage instigated, fought for and (against the odds) affected the UK’s exit from the EU). But this is not a political podcast, rather it’s a business one. Gawain share's his approach to managing the press, managing the news and keeping out the bad stories. This is a chance to hear, first-hand, valuable PR advice from the world of politics that can be applied to business – from one of the most effective PR experts in UK politics over the last 15 years. Gawain explains what sets PR apart from social media, how to entice journalists and generate news and how to manage it - especially in a crisis.