How buying SMEs without upfront capital and debt can propel people from rags to riches and democratise capitalism. Jeremy Harbour talks to David Bradley about the Next Big Thing in M&A: Agglomeration®.

From leaving school to set up a business at 14, to becoming one of the world's most prolific small business M&A practitioners, Jeremy Harbour tells his story. He explains why $93 trillion that is managed by a mere 500 institutional asset managers has never found its way into any small or medium sized business and explains how, through Agglomeration®, he fixes that issue. Listen to start understanding how you too can grow your business through mergers and acquisition, without using capital, debt and spending a fortune on advisers.

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Jeremy Harbour on Agglomeration® and how it can help attract $94trillion of global capital into small businesses. Plus, if you own even a very small business, how you too can start growing fast by acquisition, without capital, debt and expensive advisers.

From buying a telecom business for £1 to attracting up to $93 trillion of institutional capital into SMEs, Jeremy Harbour tells his story about Agglomeration® and the Harbour Club community through which he works.

Jeremy Harbour tells his story to David Bradley about how he started as a struggling young entrepreneur buying distressed businesses for no money down (because he didn’t have any).
It was tough. But 25 years on, Jeremy Harbour has bought, built and sold businesses around the World, including a bank. He now pioneers a unique investment process, Agglomeration®, which attracts institutional and family office funds into small businesses and gives investors great returns per share.
The engine behind his ideas and growth is the Harbour Club (not to be confused with the famous Tennis Club in London), an M&A learning forum and deal making community.
He has also written a number of books, including Agglomerate: from Idea to IPO in 12 Months, Go Do Deals and Democratising Wealth: a Pragmatic Alternative to Murdering the Rich, due out soon.
In this podcast, you will discover:
  • How Jeremy Harbour left school at 15 and a few years later, despite having no money, doubled his telecoms business in an afternoon through an acquisition.
  • The scariest moment in his business career, caused by his youthful cockiness. (It involved bolt cutters.)
  • How to buy a profitable business without upfront capital, nor debt.
  • How Agglomeration® can fix the seismic, societal problem of $93 trillion dollars being controlled by large financial institutions, yet none is invested in small and medium sized businesses that drive the real economy.
  • How Agglomeration® can help successful small businesses break through the glass ceiling so they can win bigger contracts and compete – and win – against the big boys.
  • How new and unique Extra (Exchange Traded) Bonds, provide SME business sellers capital on completion as well as cheap capital for a fast acquisition growth strategy.
  • How the Harbour Club, apart from being a learning and deal-sharing community, is a hot bed for innovation that has helped bring Jeremy Harbour – along with a growing number of business owners - to where he is today.

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