Will HiP Dominate Blockchain Property Exchanges?

Discover by listening to Sam Collett, co-founder, answer some searching questions...

Breakthrough that could mean homes for the younger generation * Blockchain based * First of its kind * Network Business * Maybe Next Big Thing in smart property exchanges...

In the UK, property values have been doubling in value every 10 years, on average. So most British baby Boomers who bought their homes before 2000 have done very well. They had plenty of no-money-down and “non-status” mortgages to help them on their way. But their children have not been so lucky. They can’t get on the property ladder, as property prices have skyrocketed and deposits are high. No easy credit for them.

Parents feel as uneasy about this intergenerational inequality as much as their children feel the system conspires against them. But many parents can't assist their children, because their capital is tied up in the their home's equity. So their children feel hard done by and maybe inclined to vote for Socialist Corbyn to level the playing field.

But HiP could be coming to the rescue. HiP uses Blockchain technology to resolve this issue by turning property equity into a currency. So parents could use HiP - a "smart" property exchange - to help fund property  their children want to buy.

Listen to the podcast to find out how and why.

Sam tells the story about HiP, then explains how it all works using Blockchain and tokens.

David Bradley interviews Sam to work out if HiP will actually be the biggest exchange of its kind, because if it is, and the market really grows fast, those tokens’ value could rise quickly.

So if you would like the chance to understand HiP and to get a feel as to whether it all makes sense, do listen to this podcast.

You’ll discover if the Smart Property Exchange market will develop and grow fast – and whether or not HiP will become the Next Big Thing in that market.

You’ll get to a know a fascinating way the inter-generational property ownership conundrum could be fixed – and how in the process, property equity could become so liquid that it will become like a currency.

You’ll get to know how the tech works and how property deeds can be turned into Smart Contracts.

You’ll hear how if HiP becomes the Next Big Thing, it will be the platform where lending institutions, investors and individual owners can all come together to form a dynamic, efficient low cost market place – cutting out expensive estate agents and mortgage brokers. Will HiP bring fairness to the property market and ward-off Marxist Britain. Listen to find out.

And if you are thinking about their impending ICO, well this interview of Sam Collett is your chance to hear the voice behind the whitepaper.