Julia Carrick OBE, founder of Weekend FT's How to Spend It, provides a testimonial for David Bradley. January 2020.


I am Julia Carrick 0BE, Former CEO of Walpole British Luxury, Founder of How To Spend It magazine and currently I'm CEO of ISO Luxury which I have recently founded. I have known David for years and have had pleasure in working closely with him on a number of things.

David is really extraordinary. He comes up with ideas that are actually way ahead of their time and he has this incredible ability, really, to be able to see these ideas. They’re very well researched. If he has an idea, he has no fear in getting in touch with the people to take that idea forward. Yeah, he’s very knowledgeable In all aspects, really, of business. And he is a true entrepreneur.

Look, I’ve known you all my life. You have an extraordinary ability. You come up with ideas for things that are almost way ahead of their time. And I don’t know anybody really quite like you who has that sort of brilliant ability. I think you need an executer. You are the idea's person. You can access the contacts.

Look see what’s happening with Revellers Club. I’ve sat here this morning, and you have sold out your tickets. I sat there and your phone is going ping ping ping. That’s it. Sold out.

Julia Carrick OBE
Founder of Weekend FT's How To Spend It and ISO British Luxury