Gig Economy Revolution. Will LaborCrypto's Blockchain platform slay Fiverr??

Discover how LaborCrypto will be the Next Big Thing in Blockchain Freelance Platforms..

Tarik Khribech talks to David Bradley about how LaborCrypto will revolutionise the world's Gig Economy using Blockchain.

Potentially, LaborCrypto could be a giant boost to the World's economy. Millions of workers around the world have talent. But today, they can't sell themselves online because they don't have bank accounts. LaborCryto could change all that.

For example, a local unbanked web designer in Manila may suddenly find a client in Chicago, paying in LaborCrypto tokens. Both parties would get better value. Unlike current gig economy platforms, Upwork and PeoplePerHour - who should be terrified - Blockchain allows LaborCrypto to reward platform participants for being active and to charge a mere fraction of their fees. All thanks to Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

But will LaborCrypto become the Next Big Thing in Blockchain powered freelance platforms? Will it spend enough on marketing to attract freelancers and their clients? Can it harness inherent network effects to quickly accelerate and consolidate any lead? How solid is Tarik Khribech’s ability to execute the business plan? Listen to this episode and you'll find out.