Will MyClinic be the Next Big Thing in smart telemedicine?

Discover why MyClinic will become the Next Big Thing in telemedicine and the HUGE advnatage is has over Barbyon's GP at Hand.

During this 30-minute podcast, you will learn.

Why MyClinic has a massive advantage over its competition, such as Babylon. It’s why it could be the Next Big Thing, the #1 in sales, in telemedicine globally.
That market in 2017 was worth $28bn. By 2020 it could be worth $55bn. Huge growth.
Why for anything but the most serious of ailments and emergencies, using the MyClinic app should be not only quicker than seeing a doctor, but a much faster experience.
Why accepting cryptocurrency can be a huge advantage in making healthcare available to the unbanked in the World.
Why clinicians will embrace MyClinic. (Competitors can do very little about this.)
Why private health providers will have a ready network of new clients, thanks to MyClinic.
So, will MyClinic be the #1 in telemedicine? You decide.