A world without mechanical failure and checkout queues. Alex Taylor, Net4 CEO, explains the promise of Computer Vision on the Network Edge - and why Net4 will dominate this $25bn market.

IoT innovator Alex Taylor tells David Bradley his story about how and why he started Net4. He explains how Net4 are now partnering with world leading computer processor designer ARM Holdings, to bring the practical benefits of computer vision and edge computing to businesses today.

Meet Alex Taylor and discover the huge potential of Computer Vision on the Network Edge.

Imagine a world where nothing breaks down. Everything’s reliable. Whether it’s your car, your plane or your commuter train, nothing’s ever late. Everything just works. Then as you hop off your always-reliable train that’s never late, you whiz into a store, grab dinner off the shelf and walk straight out. No one arrests you for shoplifting. Instead your credit card charges you for what you’ve taken. There are no long checkout queues, self-scanning machines and everything’s cheaper, since the retailer saves on expensive retail payment hardware and armies of checkout staff.

All this can soon be possible, largely thanks to Computer Vision on the Network Edge.

David Bradley will be talking to Alex Taylor, founder and CEO of Net4, the Internet of Things provider that’s working with ARM Holdings, both at the cutting edge of developing and rolling out computer vision on the network edge.

If you’re not familiar with the term, computer vision is the application of powerful computers to process and analyse optical and video data, in greater quantity, depth and detail than ever before. This then provides previously undreamed information for decisions and subsequent actions – whether for humans, robots or other automated systems.

The network edge refers to where this processing happens. The problem with sending video to the Cloud is prohibitively huge cost. So to avoid that, Net4 house their video processing computers physically near camera feeds – on the “network edge”. That means no cloud processing charges from Amazon, Microsoft or Google too.

Alex tells his story. If you want to find out about Net4’s smarts and whether they are poised to dominate this fast growing and valuable niche, listen in.

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