Meet Stewart Pearce, the world renowned voice coach who trained Margaret Thatcher, to learn how your voice can make you the Next Big Thing in your market.

Hear how Stewart Pearce spurned Hollywood to look after his cancer suffering mother and became Margaret Thatcher's and Princess Diana's chosen voice coach. Discover how he can help you achieve greatness with your voice too.

Whether you are on a stage or pitching a boardroom, if you want to become the Next Big Thing in your market, you need to understand what it takes to have your audience hanging on to your every word. Listen to this episode and discover Stewart Pearce, the Master of Presentation who voice trained Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and Anita Roddick. Stewart also coached Minnie Driver, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Michelle Williams, Hugh Bonneville, Eddie Redmayne, Simon Callow, Matthew Goode, and Mark Rylance. He will tell his extraordinary story and explain the techniques that you can start adopting to be successful.