Meet Troy Broussard - The Big Thing in automating your business so it grows FAST (while you, the entrepreneur, are enjoying the beach..)

Sometimes on the Next Big Thing Show, we look at people, ideas and tools that make companies grow fast. If you're an investor wanting to hold your management's feet to the fire, or indeed you're a business owner with BIG THING ambition, do listen to this. You could be richer as a result.

Meet Troy Broussard, business automation expert..

On this occasion, the Next Big Thing is NOT talking to an new business founder who is raising capital.

Instead, David Bradley talks to successful entrepreneur, Troy Broussard.

He's written a very insightful and useful book on business automation, Infusionsoft Mastery. It’s packed with nuggets, all based in his experience both building multi-million-dollar businesses for both himself and clients.

He’s also a leading business automation consultant (usually advising on Infusionsoft implementation) and he owns MyFusionHelper, a tool that enhances Infusionsoft.

During this conversation, Troy provides some very valuable insights.

Whether you are an investor wanting to suggest some ideas to your management, or a business owner wanting to make your business the Next Big Thing in your market, your time will not be wasted for a second listening to Troy.

You will be very inspired.